Waltz (修訂版)


Natural turn  Impetus turn

Weave to P.P.  Chasse                  

Natural turn   Under spin turn                   

16Reverse turn  Forward whisk  Chasse     

Natural turn  Back whisk  Closed wing        

closed telemark  Running Cross Chasse        

Natural Pivot turn   Curved Feather           

Tipple chasse to R  Traveling Contra Check   

Walk into Quick open reverse              

Walk into Promenade check           

Outside change to P.P.  Running Chasse to P.P 

Side lock  Right Lunge                      

Reverse Slip Pivot  Progressive  Chasse to R   

Outside change to P.P.  Chasse From P.P.   

Natural Pivot turn               





Two  walks

Four  step  change

Two  walks

Open  reverse  turnLady  outside, open  finish

Extended  chasse  to  R

Back  check  RF  closed  to  LF

RF  to  side  LF  brush  tap

Two  walks

Open  reverse  turn

Lady  outside  open  finish

Outside  swivel

Natural  twist  turn

Side  together  into  closed  promenade

Two  walks

Change  of  direction

Contra  check  replace  LF  to  side  reverse  pivot

Reverse  lock   closea(6 steps)

Four  step

Natural  promenade  turn  to  pp

Side  together  promenade  link

Open  reverse  turn (in line) back  corte

Two  walks


Side  together  closed  promenade

Five  step

Natural  twist  turn

Natural  promenade  turn

Fallaway  together  to  P.P

Side  together 1-3  promenade  turn

Natural  rock  turn  back  corte  






Change direction  Three step  Feather step       

Reverse turn  Feather finish  Three step           

Curved feather   Back curved  Curved feather   

Three step  Natural hover T.H  Feather Ending  

Reverse turn  1-3  Reverse weave              

Feather  finish

Fallaway  slip  pivot

Reverse  turn  1-3

Check  extended  weave

Weave  finish

Three  step

Hover  cross

Feather  step

Double  reverse  spin  turn

Three  step

Hover  cross

Feather  ending

Chasse  to  R

Weave  finish

Fallaway  slip  pivot

Change  direction

Outside  swivel




       Quick Step


R.F  Fwd  into  extended  chasse

R.F  Back  into  chasse

     Forward  lock

     Natural  turn  with  hesitation

L.F  Fwd  into  chasse  To  night

     Back  lock

     Running  finish

     Natural  turn

     Back   lock

     Running  finish

     Fish  tail

     Forward  extended  lock

      Natural  turn

      Urder   spin  turn

R.F   Back  into (extended)  chasse

      Quick  open  reverse  turn

      Chasse  to  eft

      Reverse  Change  of  Direction

L.F   Fwd  into  chasse  To  right

      Running  reverse  turn




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